That Shiny Diamond.. Or Something Like That.

He stops us walking in a beautiful place to stare into my green eyes. He grabs my hands and slowly sinks down onto one knee.

It’s graceful. It’s spectacular. He says all I’ve ever dreamed of hearing someone say. The ring is exactly what I would hope for and more. It shows that he really knows me. He knows who I am and what I would have picked myself. I say “yes” and he picks me up and swings me around. It’s the one perfect moment in my life.

… This is how I hope it will go.

My boyfriend started recently looking at rings. I know because he’s not that discreet when it comes to asking my preferences 😛

I am so excited to see what he comes up with and what the ring looks like but it brought up several thoughts. He mentioned that he wanted to get a 2 or 3 carat ring……. WHAT!? Now, some ladies out there would be jumping for joy but… I don’t want that. I want something simple but elegant. Not small, but not huge. Between .5-1 carat is exactly where I’m comfortable. I don’t see the use of a big diamond and the idea that my great grandmother didn’t receive one until her wedding day astounds me. It’s not until the last 100 years or so that women actually started receiving these diamonds, or even engagement rings in general. They are more for marketing and building an empire than they are that of romance and grand gesture. Yet, we care so much about receiving one. I’m ashamed to admit that if my boyfriend didn’t have a ring when he proposed I would be disappointed and what’s worse is that I would wonder if it’s even official. It would cloud my thoughts of what he thinks of me as well. Does he not love me enough to get a diamond? Am I not worth the money that a bigger diamond would cost? And where did this 3 month salary rule even come from!?

Ladies, let’s stop and think for a moment about what’s really important. That incredible man in your life that loves you enough to want to spend the rest of his life with you. I’m not saying that we should toss the diamond if he tries to give it to you, but why do we have to be so picky? Let’s tone it down. Let’s focus on the love that this person is providing us rather than the rock that will sit on our finger. 1 carat is just as good as 5 if it is given with love in mind.

Not to mention that the diamond industry is often referred to as “blood” diamonds. In Africa, wars break out over their diamond resource and here we are hoping to get a pretty one for our finger. Many companies claim to be “conflict” free but what does that mean? That they were there when the diamond was plucked from the earth and they KNOW that it wasn’t anywhere near these wars and problems?

I’m not saying let’s not get diamonds. I’m saying let’s choose wisely. Let’s care about each other, about the earth and about ourselves. Let’s not be selfish, jealous, or cruel. Know where you diamond comes from and trust your source. With a regular diamond, you’re choosing to stand with the crowd. But what if you found an amazing little mom and pop store that handpicked amazing stones and you were able to stand a part from that crowd and be unique. Let your beautiful soul shine through. Be yourself.




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