Morning “Ritual”

We all have those morning rituals.

Slowly… Very slowly… We open our eyes. We look about the lightened room and wonder why we’re even up yet. We stretch, we rise from bed and make our way zombie like to the bathroom. With tired eyes we turn on the shower and brush our teeth while waiting for the water to get warm. At least this is how the first 10 minutes of my morning plays out.

It’s like a never ending battle of being awake, and yet somehow still being dead to the world.

One thing that for a long time was missing from my daily routine was my vitamins. Being vegetarian, and having worked in the medical field, I’m pretty self consciousness about wanting to make sure I’m getting the right nutrients for my body. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to feel shitty all the time and I’ve slowly realized that I’ve become more and more reliant on coffee to make me feel less shitty.

It’s like anything else, I wash my face and put on face lotion when I’m done. I exfoliate my legs and I literally bend over backwards to shave them. So why would I then turn around and deprive my insides? Let’s be honest for a second ladies, looks fade but your insides are what will carry you through the rest of this crazy life!

… but I’m getting carried away…

I’m one of those people that love honest, real life companies that don’t try to sell you on their products but instead show you why you need them. So, when I heard of this company called Ritual, who is NON-GMO, Vegan, Gluten and Allergen free, Made in the USA and don’t use any synthetic fillers or colorants, I was hooked!

I desperately needed this magic pill! I did my due diligence. I read all the reviews. I read the testimonials, and I checked and double checked the ingredients (I may have even triple checked, but don’t tell my fiance that). They include all of the essentials us ladies need. I won’t bore you too much with the details but one thing that shocked me is that they actually use “vegan Algal Oil, instead of Fish Oil, which comes from the fermentation of microalgae, a patented process that leaves no environmental contamination.” Here I’ve been burping fish oil all day and feeling queasy after vitamins if I didn’t eat when this alternative has been right here in front of me.

Did I mention these don’t make you feel like you’re going to need to find somewhere to puke after taking them? You can take them on an empty stomach and feel totally fine!

It takes 21 days to form a habit.

Somy first box naturally included a sticker calendar for me to mark off my new “ritual” one day at a time. The first taste of these minty vitamins had me a little thrown off.  Here we have something that actually helps freshen my breath! Oh how happy the fiance is when he kisses me in the morning after these bad boys!

1 week went by and I started feeling a bit more upbeat, a bit happier if you will. 1 month goes by and my energy levels are at an all time high in the morning! I don’t even really need my morning cup of coffee! So now there’s another habit I need to kick… But in the meantime these vitamins are making me feel and look great.

I’ve really noticed a difference in how strong my nails are and especially in how clear my face has been. I also don’t have the desire to punch anyone when I first wake up.

My morning routine has me getting out of bed in half the time, hitting my mat for a quick yoga “sesh” and (trying) to forego the coffee. I still get to work on time but I’m not longer falling asleep for the first 2 hours of my day.

Now that’s no BS.

Thanks Ritual! I’m super stoked to see how much better I can feel! Maybe I’ll even start running to work! (who am I kidding!? me?!)


What’s your morning ritual?


*This is not a paid sponsorship and is no way affiliated with Ritual – this is my personal recount of what happened when I started taking the Ritual Vitamins.



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