Breakfast of Champions

It’s no secret that one of my favorite things about traveling is eating. In the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, snacks throughout the day – you could say that I’m always hungry and you wouldn’t be wrong.

What always plagues me though is that I can never finish the food on my plate. I get really full really fast which explains the constant hunger I suppose. But a specific breakfast at Ted’s Bulletin left me with a plate mostly finished which in my world, is stuffing myself silly.

Teds Bulletin is a staple in the Washington DC area and they have several other locations as well. Despite their big continental look, they actually have quite an amazing story. You see it all started with Ted. Back in the day this guy would cook up breakfast for the entire neighborhood. He always had extra food and people knew they could stop by for something yummy to fill their bellies. He was well known and respected in his neighborhood and everyone loved him.

The restaurant has tried to keep this tradition alive even though it’s harder to just “stop by”. We arrived early with no reservation and was told the wait would be 20 minutes. Happy with that we sat outside and watched the people walk by. We went to the location on 14th street and there were plenty of people to see and dogs to pet. I was pretty happy, up until my butt started to hurt. I checked the time and it had been 45 minutes. We went inside to check our time and waited another 15 minutes or so before we were seated.

The atmosphere was pretty great. They had a little cafe and bakery where you could grab something to go, and little tables you could sit at if you were waiting. There was also a bar on the other side that we should have snagged when we had the chance. Lesson learned!

Upon sitting down at a small booth we looked around and saw that several TVs were playing the Andy Griffith show which seriously brought back my childhood memories. Talk about nostalgia! Once we were seated the service was fast and we received our food very quickly!

Having a new found love for eggs Benedict, I ordered a smashed avocado Benedict; while Kyle ordered the breakfast burrito. We also couldn’t resist ordering a cinnamon roll the size of my head! They brought a whole boat of icing that we could pour onto the roll and it. Was. Delicious. Not to mention incredibly satisfying!

Once the Benedict arrived I was officially in heaven. Their house made hollandaise sauce was beyond delicious. It had a bit of a kick to it but nothing I couldn’t handle. Upon the first bite my morning was complete. It was like an eruption of flavor between the sauce, the perfectly poached eggs, radishes, avocado and English muffin. I can never go back to a regular eggs Benedict again.

Kyles breakfast burrito was reportedly really tasty as well. Given that I was so in love with my own meal, I’ll admit I didn’t have more than a small bite of his.

Ultimately our experience at Teds was amazing. Sure the wait was long but the food and great service made it really worth the wait. We meant to stop back in one more time but didn’t have the opportunity to. Which means we’ll just have to go back in a year!

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