Episode 15: Pandemics & Traveling

Have you had travel plans cancelled due to the Coronavirus? Having to change trips last minute can be super stressful and put a huge downer on your life. But, there are ways to do it! Let’s hash out one person’s experience on this and get inspired to travel again!

The world has started panicking about the Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19. It’s infected a total of 83,386 people, killing 3,048. This is a pretty big deal as it doesn’t have a vaccine, is more contagious than the flu, kills more people than the flu, but presents very similarly to the flu…. All meaning that you have to be incredibly careful if you become infected. 

With all that in mind, Imane’s trip to Thailand was cancelled with “We Are Bamboo”, a volunteer organization that matches you with trips to take around the world and volunteer for amazing organizations at the same time. She’s redirecting to Costa Rica, but having to change things last minute can be super stressful and difficult to do. We touched a bit on how this played out for her, what the new trip looks like, as well as caught up on her recent trip to Guatemala. 

Our own trip upcoming is affected as well. We were originally planning on going to Italy, but with it now being a watch level 3, we are having to redirect as well. This is definitely not ideal… I’m really torn up about it, but trying to look at it with the best attitude. We now have the opportunity to go somewhere else! We’re currently thinking of Portugal or Scotland, but have yet to make any official changes to the current itinerary.  Part of me, doesn’t want to make any changes but why take a chance on getting incredibly sick, missing flights, being quarantined, or DYING!? 

You can check out We Are Bamboo to plan a volunteer travel trip: https://www.wearebamboo.com

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