Mariah & Joey

Working with Mariah and Joey was like a dream come true. I remember Mariah reaching out to me and describing the issues that they’ve been having trying to conceive. It was heartbreaking and I probably cried 3 times while thinking about their shoot. But here we are, with their little miracle.

It was a dang brisk morning but this mama is a trooper! We’d take some pics, put jackets back on and then drop the jacket and snap some more; I’m pretty sure the love between them is what kept us all warm though.

When they first got out of the car I remember being so excited to see that they were matching, but not really and what I mean by that is that even though they’re wearing the same color Mariah’s dress is a completely different texture! She isn’t going to get lost when she’s snuggling into this arms and yet they still look like they’re having the perfect little winter baby! My hat goes off to you Mariah!

I always get so excited when I shoot with incredible, strong, resilient, and beautiful people like this because it reminds me that miracles do happen and that we just have to believe in them.

Congrats Mariah and Joey! You two are going to be the most incredible parents to this little guy! I can’t wait to meet him!

Published by Alley Rose Co

Lover of Life Photographer & Podcaster - Looking to capture the Love stories, adventures, and beauty all around us.

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