The Perfect Casual Look

So many people ask what the perfect casual look is for their shoots, and really it’s not complicated. The perfect casual look is probably how you dress if you’re going out for pizza. But I get it, here in Northern Nevada with the weather constantly changing and Lake Tahoe being so cold sometimes you can’t help but need some of these tips and tricks in your back pocket:

  • stick to loose flowy and knit type shirts
  • accessorize with a beanie or get your hair done! Recommendations below!
  • Always bring fun things to play with, like sleds or cute blankets to sit on. If there’s snow we’ll probably have a snowball fight.
  • Layer layer layer! a cute shirt, with a cardigan and then maybe your fav jacket on top. The cool thing is you can shed some as we go for a completely different looks.
  • Always bring options! We all love a good outfit change!
  • Plan around your shoes. That sounds weird but in the middle of winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains you gotta keep those piggies warm!

The biggest tip of all? Bring your love, laughter, and good nature! Sometimes things won’t go according to plan and that’s ok as long as you’re rolling with the punches and able to pivot! Jeff and Sami sure did when the snow wasn’t quite as fresh as we’d like and their sled started going down an icy hill! But Jeff quickly put the one hander out and steered them away from the edge. Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad, but be prepared for too much snow, or even not enough snow and be ok with it.

My favorite thing in all of this? I get to capture the authentic and true versions of yourselves throughout our day together. I’m not just your photographer, but your new friend who also happens to bring shots of whiskey to keep you warm. Just take a deep breath and promise to come find me for your engagement session, you won’t be disappointed.

My go to for any hair and makeup:

Alisha Perry:

Madison Cate:

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