Tatt’s and Boudoir

Caiti reached out to me because she wanted to do a shoot showing off her tatts for Inked Magazine. Here in Reno Nevada – basically land of dried desert vibes and pine trees we have a plethora of amazing places to shoot and I was so excited to get her out there and show everything to her.

Before shooting she told me she was awkward in front of the camera and couldn’t do a “sexy” face to save her life. She said she just laughed the whole time and honestly that is my VIBE! I love the goofy photos – the ones where you’re truly being yourself. So we rolled with it – but we also got some pretty steamy pics too

She pretty much nailed it right!? From the leather bralette and white flowy skirt to the badass tatts that she has – Caiti is such a rad person! She even has type 1 diabetes but she’s never let that slow her down. She still dreams big and lives bigger!

I’m so excited to see what this girl does next – I’m pretty sure she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.

Boudoirs are great for basically anyone, but especially for those that want to give yourself a little extra lovin’ – I personally equate them to being very similar to getting a massage, not completely necessary but oh so worth it! So keep up that mental health and book a boudoir today!


Published by Alley Rose Co

Lover of Life Photographer & Podcaster - Looking to capture the Love stories, adventures, and beauty all around us.

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