Puppies & Ciders

After Gabi and I had booked her and Bryce’s session I remember reading her questionnaire and just crying. Bryce has been deployed and they’ve spent more time apart than they have together. Gabi was living in LA alone waiting for Bryce to come home. I saw the video of Bryce getting back in and Gabi running and jumping into his arms and guys.. I SOBBED. I’m a sucker for the reunion videos, all day.

But then as we got closer to their scheduled shoot date Gabi messaged me – they had a new little one that they wanted to include in their session! OF COURSE I SAID YES! Who says NO to a GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY! Plus, since I have Ellie now we’re clearly bonded and we’ll be friends forever so – it was happening. I’m so so glad it did.

How can you not be OBSESSED with that FACE?! OMG! I basically contented to follow little Piper around and we all oo’d and aaww’d whenever she would do something cute or start eating a stick. The bloopers might be my favorite part though.

But in all seriousness shooting with Gabi, Bryce and Piper was such a blessing. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get out in the snow and just laugh and have the best freaking time! It doesn’t feel like you meet people like this very often. The kind that are just good natured, and full of love for themselves and others. It was beyond a good night!

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