The Perfect Date Night

“Perfect” – now THAT is a heavy word. What is a perfect date anyway? To me, it’s a beautiful, sometimes chaotic, always special, full of love moment in time. Time doesn’t exist in this perfect date. It’s just you. And the love of your life. And you’re just truly, unconditionally enjoying each other’s company. You laugh with each other, cheer each other on and make the most perfect memories that you’ll want to relive forever and ever. That’s exactly what Austin and Maddie did.

  1. The Location is key – you want to choose an activity or location that means something to you. They LOVE to camp and hike so roasting marshmallows and cuddling in the back of his new truck was a dream!
  2. The Activity – Plan it all around WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Having something to actually DO together is so so important for a perfect date. You don’t want to get somewhere and not have a plan. Bring the roasters, the smores, bring it all!
  3. Can We FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Add In Some Drinks?! 100000% Bring all the drinks! Bring your favorites! Make each other try them! Do you love beer or wine? Setting up a flight in your kitchen to “sample” would be SO cute! Especially if there are some not so happy faces after trying one.

What matters more than anything though is that you guys go with the flow and you just ENJOY. You laugh, maybe tear up, have fun and just be 100% yourselves.

Published by Alley Rose Co

Lover of Life Photographer & Podcaster - Looking to capture the Love stories, adventures, and beauty all around us.

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