An Elopement in San Francisco

Adventure Elopements – I feel like this is the biggest thing to come from 2020 that I am most excited about. An adventure elopement is basically doing something that is adventurous to you before, during and after you say your vows. They hold a special place in my heart because it means that you both get to decide what’s most important to you. For E & D that’s their shared love of San Francisco. They don’t live here but love it so much that they wanted to get married here. Cue the ceremony taking place near the Muir Woods

Following their ceremony and delicious cake we jumped to some beautiful overlook of San Francisco so that they can forever remember everything about this day – from the blue skies to the water of the bay and the city across the golden gate bride, the view was something I will cherish forever. It’s photos like these that you can print and hang above your fireplace.

The next adventurous part of our day included heading down to the pier – one of their favorite places is Coit Tower so making that front and center was definitely a priority. The coolest part about adventure elopements is that you get so many pictures, in so many different locations for you to forever remember your day. I am in love with the idea of going back to Pier 7 and remembering that picture with the tower in the background, or going to this overlook and remember looking at each other with that fresh, just married love.

I love being involved in the “I Do’s”. I love the emotions, the details, the getting ready. Everything about love just calls to me and makes me want to make it perfect. Every elopement and every wedding holds a unique and special place in my heart and I feel so honored to be involved – just a humble girl from Reno.


Published by Alley Rose Co

Lover of Life Photographer & Podcaster - Looking to capture the Love stories, adventures, and beauty all around us.

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