What to Do in Lake Tahoe

You’re here – you’re ready to make amazing memories and now you just need some ideas to get you started! I JAM PACKED this with some of my favorite hikes, places to rent SUPs, kayaks and the whole she-bang! Hopefully this helps pack your time in Tahoe with adventures, love and so much joy! I think it’s important to keep in mind that while these things are all around the lake, the actual time it takes to get there depends largely on where you’re staying. To drive completely around the lake it takes about 3 hours so keep that in mind!

Paddle Around North Lake in clear kayaks or SUPs – definitely a must do! Tahoe is an incredibly clear alpine lake and being able to just look down between your feet and see the bottom some 10 ft down is amazing! (Probably farther than that but I’m really bad at judging distance). You will not regret this adventure! It is one of a kind!

Hike to Monkey Rock – This amazing trail in North Lake is pretty easy to do and not too long at 2.6 miles out and back. It’s perfect for a quick early morning jaunt and the views from the top are worth it; just don’t forget to take a picture sitting on the Monkey’s head when you’re at the top!

Hike to Eagle Rock – Alright so one of my favorite little secrets is this hike in North Lake. I almost hate to share it because it gets more popular year after year, but I want ya’ll to enjoy it too! The views from this hike make the steeper incline that much sweeter!

Hike the Rubicon – This trail in South Lake is near and dear to my heart. While it never gets too steep it is a long one at 16.4 miles out and back. You’ll traverse close to the water and can basically jump in for a swim break at many points in the trail. It will take you from DL Bliss State Park to Vikingsholm at Emerald Bay.

Visit Fannette Island – Did you know Tahoe has an island? Speaking of Emerald Bay once you do get there either from your hike on the Rubicon or other means, you can’t check this off without a visit to Fannette Island – or as locals call it, the Tea Island. In fact there’s a ton of history in Vikingsholm and while you’re there I’d also suggest doing a tour of the historic mansion on the main land. As for getting to the island, you’ll need to rent a kayak or paddle board to get there.

Ride the Gondola – So maybe all the hiking and adventuring isn’t for you. You can still get some breathtaking views by riding the Gondola at Heavenly (in South Lake) up to the top. You can even have lunch up there and then ride it back down! After doing that be sure to hit up the shops at Heavenly to polish off your afternoon.

Soak Up The Sun – One of my favorite beaches to go to during the summer but also in the off season is Round Hills Pine Beach Resort. It’s situated a bit between North and South shore so it’s majorly convenient. There is a charge for parking and I’m pretty sure it’s about $11. What makes this place so worth it is that even though there are tourists, you could probably still get a spot as long as you show up by 10am during the summer and later during the off season. They also have a bar & grill and I personally love to get the fish tacos while sitting on the sand! Don’t forget an umbrella!

Visit the Palisades – What used to be known as Squaw Valley, the Palisades have a gorgeous shopping center, yoga studio, and all around excellent hiking and restaurants. Located closer to Truckee and more on the North side of Tahoe, Anything you’re looking for can most likely be found here.

I hope this helped fill your time while you were in Lake Tahoe! I’d love to hear what you did and didn’t do on this list and what you loved and did do that maybe wasn’t on here!

Published by Alley Rose Co

Lover of Life Photographer & Podcaster - Looking to capture the Love stories, adventures, and beauty all around us.

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