What to Eat around Lake Tahoe

Okay, so you’ve booked your trip to Tahoe and now you’re thinking – well shit, we need to find some cute places to eat! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Below is some of my favorite places around the lake to eat some good food and spend some quality time with your loved one(s). These are in no particular order!

North Lake

So North Lake is kind of my favorite. I don’t mean to be biased, South Lake definitely has a lot going for it, but being local I’ve always been drawn to the slower, more romantic evenings and North Lake definitely has some choice places that fit the bill.

Garwoods Grill & Bar – One of my FAVS and guys, order the Wet Woodys! They’re a classic Tahoe tradition and you cannot leave without trying one. Waterfront dining is available and you can seriously wear your wedding attire to this place!

Bridgetender Tavern – The place you go to chiiillll and drink. This is much more casual but always a good time. They have some bomb Ahi Poke Tacos!

Christy Hill – If you want to REALLY get fancy you go to Christy Hill. The sunset from this restaurant is unmatched and it’s so romantic. This is where we’ve gone to celebrate anniversaries and it never gets old. The Scallops will just melt in your mouth!

Koi Sushi – I’m personally a sushi fanatic! So any chance I get to stop at Koi I do. Their Carlo’s Special roll is mmm. I think I might need to go up there right now actually…

Za’s Lakefront Bar & Grill – I cannot complete this list without adding Za’s. I always get pastas here and they are soo tasty. It’s a bit more casual but honestly wear your wedding dress when you go – you’ll probably get some free alcohol ;P

South Lake

If those North Lake places didn’t get you in the mood to EAT then I don’t know what will.. Except maybe some of these South Lake places! The cool thing about South Lake is the vibe is totally different. This is the part of the Lake that parties hard, is up till late and still gets up for beach days the next morning.

Hell’s Kitchen – YES! Tahoe has their VERY OWN Hell’s Kitchen and omg it is to DIE FOR. Now is it pricey? yes. But is it worth it? Depends on who you ask. I’m a huge fan myself and will tell you every time to go for it. The sticky toffee pudding is a must at the end of the night and even though we’ve gotten something different each time for our entree, I cannot choose between them because they’ve all been superb! In typical Tahoe fashion you do get some people walking in in their jeans and t-shirts but for the most part wearing white is fully acceptable here – or whatever color your wedding attire may be. Make your reservations well in advance! This place books up quickly.

Scusa! – Here we go with the Italian food again – but it’s good okkaaayy!? The seafood fettucine is so good and I just love the vibe here. It’s definitely a more casual hang out and their patio area is amazing!

Yugen Sushi – I know I’ve already mentioned sushi but this place tops Koi.. I know… I know… That means it is BOMB AF! They don’t have a ton of seating so get here early if you don’t want to have to wait for forever.

The Loft – I’m a very curious person so the Loft really won me over with their live magic shows while you eat. It may seem tacky but I promise it’s a ton of fun and the cocktails are so yummy!

Cold Water Brewery & Grill – I’m not a beer person so I can’t speak to that side of it, but the hubs loves this place and you can’t go wrong with their fish and chips. Super chill and relaxed vibes alll day! This is the perfect place to grab some food before heading to the beach.

Himmel Haus – shhhhh! You didn’t hear it from me… This german bar is one of our favorite little secrets so I don’t talk about it often. I hear the beers are good, but what I go for is the vibe. Plus how often do you get to go to a german inspired bar?!

That wraps up my little list quite nicely I’d say. I know I’m starving, what about you?!

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