Wait, I get money by telling people you’re awesome!?

Hell ya you do!

Okay here’s the deal – word of mouth is SO huge and in my opinion, the highest form of flattery! I want you to LOVE working with me so much that you instantly start telling other people. And now by doing that you get vouchers sent your way when people put down your name as a referrer.

What does that mean?
  • When someone lists you as a referrer in my questionnaire I will keep track of it to be redeemed on your next session.
  • When you’re ready to book your next shoot just let me know and I’ll apply however much you’ve racked up! BAM! Saving those dolla bills!
  • Each referred person gets you $100 off – I ain’t playin!

So how much can I get?

I want this to be limitless! I am extremely grateful for YOU and all that you do – from shooting with me in the first place and then telling people about me. I want this to actually feel like a thank you! So there isn’t a limit to how much you can “collect” on these referrals! The only catch is that they can’t be combined with any other deals or discounts and they can’t be applied to weddings or elopements. They also do have to be used within 6 months!

Share away my darlings!

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