Ep 7 Saving the Planet One Trip At A Time

Sometimes when I travel and use all of that jet fuel to get to these amazing destinations I wonder; Is there a way to give back? Is there a way to cancel out the carbon footprint by doing good? Well, there is and it’s a lot easier than I thought! Every country has needs –Continue reading “Ep 7 Saving the Planet One Trip At A Time”

Ep. 5 Hiking While Traveling

Ever hiked to the top of Machu Picchu? Ever wanted to explore the city of Cusco Peru? Join Campbell and I as we explore the Incan ruins, talk about the eating guinea pigs and more! On Wandering Sips we’re drinking a Pisco Sour: 2oz Pisco 1oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 1 eggContinue reading “Ep. 5 Hiking While Traveling”

Episode 2: The Perfect Disneyland Vacay!

Ever dreamed of going to Disneyland but not really knowing what to do or where to stay!? Join Mike and I on a magical Disneyland adventure as we talk about the best places to stay, the most amazing attractions, some cool tips and tricks for while you’re there, and OF COURSE the best FOOD toContinue reading “Episode 2: The Perfect Disneyland Vacay!”

Episode 1: What The Heck To Pack!?

Have you ever arrived at your destination and wondered, what the heck happened to all the outfits that I thought I planned out!? Or, Why didn’t I think about a bringing a charger!? On this Episode of Wander Where Lost we’re going to be talking about what the heck you should pack and even howContinue reading “Episode 1: What The Heck To Pack!?”